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Citi Bike Share Program Bans “Fat” Riders

New York City’s Citi bike share program looks like a promising solution to some of the city’s biggest problems, such as traffic, pollution and obesity.  However, although it may address most of these problems for the majority of the population, it only addresses the issue of obesity for the population weighing less than 260 pounds.


This is due to the fact that the Citi bike share program prohibits users who weigh more than 260 pounds.

Rules of the Program

Every individual who signs up for the bike share program must agree to a user contract that explicitly states riders “must not exceed maximum weight limit” of 260 pounds. The reason behind this weight restriction is said to be due to the manufacturer’s recommendation that bicycles simply cannot hold that much heft.

This restriction has prompted much controversy. Would-be riders have labeled this restriction as unfair, claiming that the 40-pound bicycles are sturdy enough to hold riders weighing over 260 pounds. Others claim that riding a bicycle should be the decision of the individual, not based upon how much they weigh.

Despite the rule delineated in the users contract that all riders must sign in order to sign up for the short-term Citi bike rentals, New York’s Department of Transportation has made it clear that the city will not strictly enforce this controversial weight limit.

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