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Enjoy Your New York Citi Bike With Caution!

With the launch of New York’s Citi Bike program, it seems that there are more bicycles on New York City’s streets than cabs. Residents and visitors are increasingly using bikes to avoid the expensive costs of taxi rides, parking rates, and beat the traffic and lack of parking spaces.

However, the Big Apple’s friendly affair with bicycling also includes certain dangers that riders need to heed. New York City bicycle accidents, especially those involving other motor vehicles, can cause devastating injuries to the riders.

Many people, including drivers of cars and trucks, don’t know how to safely ride with bikes on city the streets. They are not aware of the “rules of the road,” so there is a greater risk for collisions and injuries.

New York City Bicycle Rules and Regulations

While New York law extends the same rights of automobile drivers to bicyclists, it also subjects them to all of the duties and regulations. Below are some important safety rules that you have to abide by while riding your bike on the streets of New York:

  • You must always ride with the flow of traffic, not against it.
  • You have to obey all traffic laws on the road.
  • You must ride in bicycle lanes, if they are provided.
  • If you choose to listen to music, you can only wear one earphone.
  • You have to yield to pedestrians.
  • You are not permitted to weave in and out of traffic.
  • You must use hand signals when making a turn.

Injured on a Bike? Call Us!

We hope that your bike riding experience is safe and enjoyable on the streets of New York. However, if you are involved in an accident and suffer injuries, we can help you get the just compensation that you deserve.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our New York City bicycle accident injury attorney, call Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. at (212) 584-2494.


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