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Music, Bikes and NY Law

Riding a bicycle can be a great mode of transportation, a refreshing form of exercise, or just a simple way to relax. Whatever the reason may be, riding a bike can be even more enjoyable if you are listening to music.

Although listening to music while biking may be fun, the question is whether it is legal to combine the two. The answer depends on how and where you are listening to music while riding your bike.

New York Law on Riding a Bike While Listening to Music

Generally, listening to music while biking is not against New York law. However, to be sure that what you are doing is legal depends on how you are listening to music. If you are listening to music that is pumping through speakers mounted on your bicycle, you are not doing anything illegal. However, if you are using headphones, you need to be careful of the law.

While a few states have banned the use of headphones while riding a bike, New York has not. Under New York law, bicyclists are allowed to wear headphones while bicycling. The caveat is that the bicyclist may only insert the headphone in one ear. In other words, you may receive a citation if you are riding your bicycle while listening to music through a headphone in both ears. The reason for this law is that if you are wearing headphones in both ears, you may become unaware of your surroundings and not hear a warning, such as a honk.

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