Questions for Bicycle Safety

Riding a bicycle on the streets of New York can be a convenient mode of transportation, while providing the enjoyment of riding and exercising. However, in order to enjoy a safe ride, you need to keep in mind certain safety tips and precautions. We have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions regarding important safety tips while riding a bicycle. If you have additional questions or would like to request a free consultation with a New York City bicycle attorney, contact our law firm today.

Do I have to wear a helmet in NYC?

Yes, depending on your age. Although New York laws only require children under 14 years old to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, riders of all ages are strongly advised to wear a properly fitted helmet at all times. Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the likelihood of a significant head injury or reduce the severity of a head injury in the event of an accident.

What should I do when riding a bicycle at night?

If you are riding at night, you should use reflectors, make sure your bicycle has a headlight and taillight, and wear bright clothing that also includes reflectors to make sure you are visible to other motorists on the road.

What safety equipment is required on bicycles?

Any bicycle that is used in NYC, must be equipped with:

  • A properly maintained brake that is capable of making the bike tires skid on dry level pavement.
  • A bell, horn or other noise-making device.
  • Bicycles driven at night must be equipped with a white front headlight visible in darkness for at least 500 feet and a red taillight visible for at least 300 feet.

How can I avoid or reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident while riding my bicycle on the busy streets of New York?

Although you may not be able to completely avoid getting into an accident while riding your bike, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident if you keep in mind certain safety tips, such as: riding with a buddy, keeping clear of car doors, properly maintaining your bicycle and ensuring it is in good riding condition, using hand signals, and wearing a properly fitted helmet. And perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you are visible to other motorists by wearing bright colored clothing and adding reflective material, especially if you are riding at night.

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