New York City Bicycle Safety Tips

NYC Bicycle Safety

The streets of New York City are commonly known for their rude cab drivers, unwary motorists, and hurried pedestrians. But with more than 700 miles of bike lanes and on-street facilities, such as the Citi Bike Share Program, bicycling in New York City is more convenient and popular than it has ever been before.

Whether you choose to ride your bicycle as a source of fun or as a mode of transportation on the busy streets of New York, you need to do so safely in order to avoid accidents involving serious painful injuries. Below are some important safety tips that you should consider when joining the other New York City bicycle riders.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Even if you are the safest bicyclist on the road, you may not be able to avoid some accidents. However, you can reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident and reduce the severity of your injuries by considering the following safety tips:

  •  NY Bike Lane - Safety TipsObey all rules and regulations, as they pertain to both motorists and bicyclists alike.
  •  Wear a helmet and protective gear, even though only minors under the age of 14 are mandated to wear one.
  •  Do not wear earphones in both ears while riding a bike.
  •  Always ride with the flow of traffic, especially on the busy streets of New York.
  •  Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition by properly maintaining it.
  •  Yield to pedestrians
  •  Use a bike lane or path when available, except when making turns or if hazardous conditions will make it unsafe to continue in the bike lane or path.
  •  Use hand signals when making turns.
  •  Never use or attempt to use your cellular device while riding a bicycle.
  •  Use a horn or a bell to alert other motorists, bikers or pedestrians.
  •  Make eye contact with motorists to ensure the driver is aware of your presence.
  •  Look out for road hazards, such as debris, ice, or gravel to avoid losing control of your bicycle.
  •  If riding after dark, use reflectors and wear bright clothing to make yourself more visible to others on the road.

And despite taking all of the safety precautions, if you are involved in a New York City bicycle accident, make sure you get the contact information for the atfault party. As a bicyclist, your only recourse in an accident may be against the responsible party’s insurance company.

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