Traffic Tickets for Bicyclists in New York City

According to statistics, the number of tickets issued to bicyclists in New York City has increased by almost 10% since last year. This is partly due to the launch of New York City’s Citi Bike program and partly due to the fact that the police are trying to ensure the riders’ safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents.

If you or a loved one has received a bicycle ticket, you may have questions and concerns as to what you should do. At Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C., our New York City bicycle attorneys have extensive experience helping bicyclists answer their questions and providing them the assistance they need in any bicycle related situation.

Laws of the Road Apply to Bicyclists Too!

As a bicyclist on the streets of New York, you are obligated to follow the same laws and regulations as other motorists. This will ensure that drivers, riders and pedestrians can share the roads and sidewalks more peacefully and in a safer manner.

The most common moving violation tickets issued to New York bicyclists are:

  • Riding on the sidewalk
  • Not having appropriate reflectors or lighting
  • Not using or riding in the bike lanes, where provided
  • Failing to obey traffic signals, such as stop signs and red lights

Although bicycle ticket is a violation that you will need to take care of, it will not result in points on your driver’s license. Under Section 131.3 of the NYCRR, bicycle and pedestrian violations are not subject to the New York State Point System.

Our New York City bicycle attorneys can answer any additional questions you may have regarding what laws you may be subject to when riding your bike on the streets of New York.

What Should I Do Upon Receiving a Bicycle Ticket?

When you are issued a ticket, it is normal to feel angry and be in shock that you have actually received a “bike ticket.” The next feeling you may experience is what options you may have in fighting your bike ticket. Depending on the facts surrounding the ticket and the penalty, it may make sense to fight it in court.

If you decide to fight your ticket, you should know that the chances of having a bike ticket dismissed in the City of New York are very slim. Unlike other jurisdictions, you do not have the option to engage in plea bargaining with a prosecutor in a traffic violations bureau. The only people present in a hearing are you, the administrative law judge and the officer who issued you the ticket.

Also, due to the recent “ticket fixing” scandal in the New York Police Department, officers are coming to trial more prepared. Moreover, if a ticket is dismissed, they will now need to explain to their superiors what went wrong and the reason for the dismissal.

An administrative trial for dismissing a bicycle ticket in New York is generally very short and the judge will typically administer his or her ruling right then.

Our New York City Bicycle Attorneys Are Here to Help

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