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Spike in Bicyclist Injury and Traffic Deaths in New York City in Early 2019

bicyclist injury and traffic deaths | bicycle accident attorneyNew York City has seen a rise in the use of bicycles, especially electric bicycles, as a mode of transportation around the city. Early 2019 has also seen a spike in injuries to bicyclists and commuters in the city. January 2019 was particularly alarming, according to documented crash reports from the NYPD.

According to the report, the first 28 days of January saw:

  • 191 reported bicyclist injuries – a 20% increase compared to the 158 recorded during the same time frame in 2018.
  • 19 deaths involving bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists – a 90% increase from 2018.

The increase in injuries is due to the fact that there were 14,538 reported collisions across the city. NYC Street Blog broke down the data geographically to show in what region the greatest spikes in bicycle injuries and other traffic accidents happened:

  • Brooklyn (North) – 70% increase in cyclist injuries
  • Brooklyn (South) – 21% increase in cyclist injuries
  • Manhattan – 15% increase in cyclist injuries
  • Queens (North) – 7.5% increase in injury collisions, 22% spike in pedestrian
  • injuries, a 10% rise in cyclist injuries, and a 9% increase in total injuries.
  • Queens (South) – Cyclist injuries increased by 233%; pedestrian injuries rose by 6%
  • Bronx – 45% increase in cyclist injuries

The greatest concern is accidents involving electric bicycles, specifically Citi Bikes. The Daily News alone has found eight New Yorkers who have racked up medical expenses after flying off one of the easy-pedaling electric two-wheelers. All of them initially blamed themselves for falling off the bikes after applying the brakes. But they soon learned that it was the faulty brakes on the electric bicycles that caused their injuries.

Shocking Trends Amid “Vision Zero”

As e-bicycles become more popular in the streets and avenues of New York City, so does the number of accidents involving these electric bikes. Electric bicycles are rapidly becoming a substantial contributor to road accidents in New York City. NYC was off to a bad start this year – for bicyclists, pedestrians, all commuters in or through Queens, and all types of motorists throughout the city.

This is not a well-received trend, especially as New York City has struggled with high rates of bicycle accidents, injuries and deaths in the recent years. The trend is also a thorn as the City’s proposed Vision Zero project promises to eliminate all traffic fatalities by 2024. Although this is a lofty goal, traffic deaths in the city were trending down in recent years – that is all except bicyclist deaths. As a result of the consistently and tragic start to 2019, many advocates are demanding that Mayor de Blasio and his administration uphold their promise to commit more resources for prevention and public safety efforts, as well as the long-awaited bike lane on Queens Boulevard.

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