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The Best Way to Handle a Bicycle Accident Is to Prevent It

Approximately 53,000 bicycle-related accidents occur each year in the United States. About 850 of these accidents result in rider fatalities. Bicycle accidents have especially increased in New York City since the launch of the Citi Bike program, which has made riding bicycles easy, affordable and convenient. NYC Bicycle Safety

While it may be almost impossible to avoid getting into a bicycle accident, there are steps riders can take to help reduce the likelihood of getting injured in an accident. Below are ten important steps bicyclists should consider when riding on the busy streets of New York:

  1. Wear a properly fitted helmet.
  2. Wear other protective gear, such as kneepads.
  3. Make sure the bicycle is in good riding condition.
  4. Be aware of the surrounding road conditions.
  5. Obey all traffic signals.
  6. Research your route.
  7. Dress brightly.
  8. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.
  9. Do not wear earphones or headphones in both ears.
  10. Watch out for pedestrians.

In the event that you are involved in an accident that was unavoidable or happened because of the negligent actions of another party, you should consult an experienced New York bicycle accident attorney to protect your legal rights and ensure that you get the full extent of the compensation that you deserve.

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