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The Fight Over New York’s Bike Lanes: Bikers v. Pedestrians

ny-bike-safety-bike-laneOver the past decade the number of New York City bicycle riders has quadrupled. This drastic increase is due in part to the rise in traditional modes of transportation and in part to the launch of the Citi Bike Share Program. The increase has also led to more pedestrian accidents with bicycles. While NYC has responded to this influx in cyclists by adding 450 miles of bike lanes, the dream of bikers of having their own superhighways is impeded by non-bikers using these bike lanes as their own traffic-free highway.

Get Out of My Bike Lane

A common thought on the majority of bikers’ minds is for pedestrians to stop using tracks not intended for them. This competition over the newly built bike lanes has become an every-day problem that New York bicyclists must deal with during their commute, especially in mid-town NYC.

Use of bike lanes by pedestrians is a natural outgrowth of their displacement from swamped sidewalks. In fact, sidewalk congestion has become an even bigger problem than traffic congestion on the roads of NYC. By using bike lanes, pedestrians can get to their destination much quicker without having to weave though a swarm of people on the sidewalks.

However, as convenient as bike lanes may be for pedestrians, it is even more frustrating for cyclists. The stretch of bike lanes were initially designed both for an easier commute for bicyclists and as a way to reduce accidents for pedestrians and the bikers. Although there has been no traceable rise in serious injuries, sharing bike lanes with non-bikers is frustrating and annoying for New York City bicycle riders.

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