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Whether Or Not It’s The Law, When Cycling It’s Smart Not to Text

Even in our highly legalistic society, we are still permitted to act foolishly under the law. If you are riding a bicycle, you can legally text. While it is illegal to text and drive a car, it is not illegal to text and ride a bike on the pothole-ridden streets of New York with cars speeding past you at ridiculously high speeds.

ny-bike-safety-bike-laneThe Dangers of Texting and Cycling

Riding a bicycle can is similar to riding a car and in many ways even more dangerous. Due to the inherent design of a bicycle and lack of any safety harnesses and encasings, bicyclists are generally at risk for more significant injuries and death when involved in an accident than motorists. If involved in an accident, motorists are protected by the steel frame of the car, seatbelt, and even an airbag. But what protection will the cyclist have? This is even more so the case since New York does not mandate the use of helmets for riders over 14 years of age. So the question begs as to why it is smart for drivers to be discouraged by the law not to text and drive but not for bicyclists. The bottom line is that if you are riding a bicycle on the busy and dangerous streets of New York City, put away your cell phone and keep both hands on the handlebar. The risks of getting into a dangerous or fatal accident is not worth any text that you have to send. If you really have to send a text, simply get off your bike, text, and then continue riding again.

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