• Safety-Tips

    Safety Tips

    Whether you choose to ride your bicycle as a source of fun or as a mode of transportation on the busy streets of New York, you need to do so safely in order to avoid accidents involving serious painful injuries.

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  • Common-Accidents

    Common Accidents

    In the majority of cases, bike accidents are caused by the negligent driving of other motorists. The sad truth is that many motorists do not respect a bicyclist’s right to share the roads.

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  • Citi-Bike-Program

    Citi Bike Program

    With the introduction of the NYC Citi Bike Program, individuals are able to enjoy a more convenient and cheaper mode of transportation to move around the city.

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Bicycle Accidents NYC – Safety Tips and Advice from NYC Injury Attorneys

NYC Citi Bikes in Rack

With the recent influx of bicycles on New York City streets due to the Citi Bike Share Program, bicyclists are the fastest-growing commuter group in NYC. Bicyclists often know, in painful detail, the fear and havoc that automobiles can bring to the streets of New York. However, if cyclists and motorists are better informed of their public rights while using the road, both types of commuters can enjoy their rides in a safer manner.

At Gersowitz, Libo & Korek P.C., our New York City bicycle attorneys are avid supporters of bicycles as both a more convenient mode of transportation and as an enjoyable pass time. This is precisely why we have made it our goal to utilize this website as a means of providing bicyclists and motorists with the information they need for a new era of safer, saner travel that must be shared by various types of commuters.

Common Bike Laws and Safety Tips

Cyclist on Brooklyn Bridge
Safe bicycling on the streets of New York means knowing the rules of the road that apply to cyclists. Not only will following the rules keep you safe and traffic-ticket free, but it will also positively impact the overall safety of our streets. After all, you have to give respect in order to get respect.

Rights and Responsibilities of Bicyclists

  • While bicyclists are granted all of the same rights as motorists, they are also subject to all of the duties.
  • All provisions of NYC Traffic Rules are applicable to bicyclists.
  • If a bicyclist causes an accident, he or she is legally obligated to stop, provide the necessary information, and report the accident to the police.
  • Bicycles are not allowed on expressways, drives, highways, bridges and interstate routes unless authorized by signs.
  • A bicyclist must place one hand on the handle bar at all times.

Traffic Rules Protecting New York City Bicycle Riders

  • Motorists are not allowed to park, stand or stop within bike lanes.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to drive in bike lanes.
  • A driver or passenger is not allowed to exit a vehicle in a manner that endangers a bicyclist (referred to as “dooring”).
  • Drivers are obligated to exercise due care in order to avoid getting into an accident with a bicyclist sharing the road

Required Equipment for Bicyclists While Riding

  • If riding in the dark, your bicycle must have a white headlight, a red taillight and reflectors.
  • Bicycles must have a bell or horn.
  • All bicycle parts must be in working condition.
  • Bicyclists are not permitted to wear more than one earphone attached to an audio device while riding.
  • Children under 14 years old are required to wear a properly fitted helmet when riding.

Tips to Avoid Common New York City Bicycle Accidents

NY Bike Accident Injury

Although you may not be able to completely avoid a New York City bicycle accident, below are some tips you should consider in reducing the likelihood of being involved in an accident:

  • Ride with a buddy
  • Keep clear of car doors
  • Be visible by wearing bright clothing and having proper lighting and reflectors
  • Wear a helmet
  • Properly maintain your bicycle and ensure it is in perfect riding condition
  • Use hand signals when necessary and possible

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If you or a loved one was involved in a bicycle accident, we are ready to assist you in recovering for your injuries. Our attorneys have represented numerous clients who have been injured in bicycle crashes and we have successfully obtained full compensatory monetary damages for their injuries.

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