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Top 3 Reasons for New York City Bicycle Injuries

Riding a bicycle in New York City may serve various purposes, such as exercise and a form of pastime. However, most New Yorkers ride a bicycle to avoid the busy streets of NYC and the expensive parking structures.

While riding a bicycle definitely has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Riding a bicycle in NYC may accompany many dangers, including getting into a serious and life-altering accident. This article discusses the top three reasons for New York City bicycle injuries.

Lack of a Proper Helmet NYC Bicycle Safety

One of the most important safety gears you should wear while riding a bicycle is a helmet. Studies show that a properly fitted helmet may be the only difference between walking away from an bicycle accident and suffering a serious injury or even dying.

Drinking and Bicycling

Another top reason for bicycle injuries in New York City is riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol. There is no doubt that consuming alcoholic beverages alters your ability to properly operate a motor vehicle. This also applies to riding a bicycle.

In fact, it is already dangerous enough riding a bicycle in New York City without slowing your reflexes and altering your judgment by consuming alcohol. Chances are, you would not drink and drive, so you should also not drink and ride.

Listening to Music

Under New York law, you can legally listen to music by putting a headphone in only one ear. Studies have shown that when you wear headphones in both ears, you cannot hear signals that might warn of danger, whether it is the sound of a car or another individual calling to get your attention.

The best advice is to save the music for later because listening to the sounds of traffic offers valuable cues that may keep you from getting into a serious accident and suffering devastating injuries.

Injured on a Bike? We Are Here to Help!

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another party, call the New York City bicycle accident lawyers at Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. as you may be entitled to compensation.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us at 212-584-2494. We are dedicated to getting you the full compensation you are entitled to for the injuries you have suffered.

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